Mistress Rouge

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Objectification Perverted Decadence - New Clips

New Clips added to Clipsite and Members

Objectified Smoke Slave - Tormented and Denied
24/7 lifestyle slave Ownership - On this particular Sunday afternoon I subjected my owned and collared slave to the cruel delights of not one but two indulgent and decadently delicious More 120 cigarettes. Starlight is exactly where I want him and where I daily torment him, tied tightly to a dining table in the Study, naked aside from a Rubber Gas Mask and Rubber tube for my repeated forced exhales. I am clad in a favoured Red Latex blouse and skirt perfectly matched by my favourite thigh length Black Leather boots and Opera style Red Leather lace up gloves. Watch me as I tease and torment my slave thoroughly, denying him any orgasm but taking great delight in the coughing and suffering my slave endured for me. 

Forced Ejaculation - Drool and Cum for Ma'am
24/7 lifestyle slave Ownership - The first in a series of clips held in my "Objectification Corner" whereby I thoroughly use and humiliate my personal slave Starlight. Here, dressing for pleasure in my beautiful vintage Black Leather never felt so good as I relax with a More 120 cigarette and ignore my slave as I command him to a slow, humiliating, yet long overdue release. I simply cannot resist pinching my slave's only two air holes in his Black Leather hood with my favourite Black Leather gloves, restricting him and humiliating him further before he cums on my command.

Objectification Corner - Leather Boot Worship
24/7 lifestyle slave Ownership - Dressed for pleasure in total Black Leather, from my floor length Matrix style Leather coat, my favourite Leather gloves and my adorable knee high stiletto platform lace up Black Leather boots, watch as I relax and enjoy a luxurious and satisfying cigar as my personal slave licks, kisses and worships my boots, naked, hooded and squeezed into my Objectification Corner. My slave performs his task admirably and with devotion, but not before I introduce him to a long held favourite short whip of mine, one that sears, stings and pains him greatly, much to my amusement and pleasure.

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