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Monday, 27 July 2015

Creative Cruel New Clips added to Members & Clipsite

Creative Cruel New Clips added to Members & Clipsite

Beaten and Milked
24/7 lifestyle slave Ownership - I am in my Regal element here, dressed in a combination of my favourite Black PVC and Leather with my personal slave naked, except for his Leather slave harness, Leather hood and ball gag. I had long planned to milk my slave in this fashion however Starlight had been impatient with me all afternoon and had to suffer the added humiliation of being plugged and beaten with my heavy judicial paddle before he was finally allowed to please me with his forced orgasm. 

My Starlight Bound and Bagged
24/7 lifestyle slave Ownership - Watch me as I meticulously lace my slave Starlight tightly into a Black Leather Bondage hood and tightly truss him inside our Leather body bag. I delight in testing my slave as I control him with GHOM (Gloved Hand Over Mouth) as well as using him as my objectified human furniture as I enjoy a luxurious cigar. Dressed in my powerful and favoured Black and Red Leather, including my beautiful black Leather trousers, thigh boots and Red Leather Opera gloves, I cannot resist further tormenting him as he is helpless to receive my cigar smoke and repeatedly bagged to my pleasure and satisfaction.

Rubber Ma'am Pantry Punishment
24/7 lifestyle slave Ownership - Starlight is called into the Pantry of our home for a long overdue punishment and the repeated flogging I administer is but one of his punishments for the day as I humiliate him with both a dildo and the Strap On I intend to train him with after my desire for punishing him has been sated. Clad in a combination of my favourite Red Leather lace up Opera Gloves and Red and Black Latex, I also indulge myself by wearing a favoured pair of White thigh length Leather boots as I delight in every humiliating minute my slave is impaled on a dildo, sucking my favourite Black Strap On or accepting the vicious blows I inflict on him with my Leather flogger, all whilst enjoying a luxurious cigarette.

Total Leather GHOM Control
24/7 lifestyle slave Ownership - No words are spoken here as none are truly necessary as I intensely and repeatedly subject my Leather slave by my Leather gloved control. My personal slave is my Leather slave here, hood to toe in magnificent Leather and only bettered by my own Magisterial Leather, from my favourite short and supple Black Leather gloves to my adorable Black Leather trousers and platform, stiletto, lace up Black Leather knee boots. I and my lucky slave are Dressed For Pleasure in our beautiful leather but I cannot resist having him completely and utterly under my Leather gloved control.

Deviant Cigar Smoke Torment

24/7 lifestyle slave Ownership - Watch me subject my 24/7 personal slave to repeated forced cigar smoking whilst he's bound inside our Leather body bag, Leather hooded and layered with a further Rubber Gas Mask. Clad in a combination of my favourite Black Leather and Black PVC I thoroughly enjoy my decadent and luxurious cigar whilst my dutiful Starlight accepts every one of my repeated deep forced cigar exhales into the tube attached to his Rubber Hood. My Starlight has a long way to go but is developing well as my personal cigar smoke slave

A More Smoking Indulgence
Behind the white door is my 24/7 personal slave, hooded, gagged and tied to a hook hanging from the ceiling in my favourite area of our home, the "Punishment Area". I've left him there completely uncertain as to my return as I indulge myself in a luxurious smoke of my favourite brand of cigarettes, an elegant and enticing More 120. Dressed in a combination of my favourite Black Leather, Black PVC and adorable platform stiletto, lace up knee high boots, watch as I relax and unwind after tightly securing my slave for future use, with numerous luxurious snap inhales and long, creamy exhales as I ponder how to use my slave after I've finished my cigarette.

A Decadent Cigar Smoke
A clip dedicated to my smoking fans worldwide and for cigar aficionados too! Dressed in a combination of my favourite Black Leather and Black PVC, watch as I pull and tug on a beautiful cigar in my Leather gloved hands, capturing numerous snap inhales and deliciously long exhales as I relax in the study, my favourite room in our home for smoking cigars

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