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Saturday, 5 December 2015

Triple Chain Smoke Foot Slave Ashtray & More

New Clips added

Solo Smoke - St Moritz
24/7 Lifestyle Slave Ownership - A luxury indulgent cigarette deserves to be smoked with indulgence with my very first ever experience of a St Moritz Menthol Cigarette. Dangles, snap inhales and double pumps for long and creamy exhales!

Black Sobranie with Rouge Red Cigarette Holder
24/7 Lifestyle Slave Ownership - Clad in my favourite jodhpurs, black leather thigh boots and short black leather gloves, enjoy this clip of me enjoying the decadent delights of a Black Sobranie Cigarette in my Rouge Red cigarette holder. Double and triple pumps, long nose exhales and huge creamy mouth exhales are captured perfectly against the backdrop of a beautiful sunlit winters afternoon.

St Moritz Sunshine Smoke
24/7 Lifestyle Slave Ownership - Before an afternoon of punishing my slave, time to ponder my sadistic thoughts and enjoy some winter sunshine with a satisfying and classy St Moritz cigarette.

Black Sobranie Smoke Training
24/7 Lifestyle Slave Ownership - More intense smoke training for my slave Starlight who is exactly where I insist he be, wrapped and bound tightly inside his leather body bag while double-hooded and beneath me awaiting my prolonged and respected creamy exhales direct into his heavy duty rubber gas mask. It has been a long and painful afternoon of servitude for my slave and I am dressed for the occasion in a combination of my powerful black PVC and Leather including my thigh length black leather boots and beautiful opera length lace up leather gloves. Watch as I delight in my slaves restricted torment as I dig my heels into his leather encased cock and his struggles with my relentless and repeated long exhales into his breathing tube.

More 120 Leather Gimp Ashtray
24/7 Lifestyle Slave Ownership - A late night smoke of my favourite brand calls for my slave to be exactly where I need him, tightly restrained and encased in his leather body bag and beneath me awaiting my hot ashes. Here I'm powerfully clad in my favourite black leather, including my thigh length boots and vintage bolero jacket, ensuring my trussed slave swallows every one of my cruel ash deposits.

Devious Cigar Ashtray
24/7 Lifestyle Slave Ownership - A powerful clip and the first of it's kind for my slave Starlight as he endures my relentless cigar smoke and suffers and serves as a cigar human ashtray for the very first time. Watch as I delight in the sizzling sounds made as I deposit my cigar ash into his mouth time and time again before ruthlessly stubbing out my beautiful cigar onto his tongue. This clip is a particular personal favourite of mine, close up, plumes of delicious cigar smoke filling the screen, blow back cigar smoke between us and my sadism sated by my slave's ash eating and complete stubbed out ashtray duty.

Imperious Rubber Cigar Madam
24/7 Lifestyle Slave Ownership - With my slave trussed up in an adjoining room I ponder the heavy flogging punishment I'm about to administer with a luxurious cigar. This clip was recorded yesterday, Friday 4th December, and includes a rare chance to enjoy my short lace up leather gauntlet gloves that I wrap around my beautiful cigar and my vintage floor length Rubber Dress Coat. Strong and creamy exhales, long snap inhales and huge nose exhales are all here for you to enjoy.

Triple Chain Smoke Foot Slave Ashtray
24/7 Lifestyle Slave Ownership - Before I stub out my third and final St Moritz cigarette on my prone slaves tongue I chain smoke two more decadent St Moritz cigarettes, objectifying my slave and painting my finger nails and toe nails as I do so. Clad in my favourite Rouge Red and Black Jodhpurs and black PVC blouse I delight in teasing and tormenting my slave while he dutifully licks and sucks my beautiful toes before I humiliate and objectify him by stubbing and extinguishing out my final smoke in his mouth.

More 120 Insatiable Strap On
24/7 Lifestyle Slave Ownership - I feel it appropriate to ensure my slave is gaping at all times by which I mean ready for my intrusive strap on insatiable needs. Ritualistically readying him with leather slave harness challenging mouth filling gag and trussed wrists I proceed to probe him with the already applied insertion of a butt plug that he has been suffering for a few hours earlier. I recline and relax as lighting up and dangle smoking a feminine yet regal More 120 and I joyfully shaft away to my dark hearts content. Insatiable randy and rampant in different fuck positions my slave Starlight satisfying my every perverted notion strap on mounting whim! Full Leather overload is the dressing order of the day as I objectify him upon and over our objectification corner coffee table.

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