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Sunday, 20 December 2015

More 120 Leather Gloved Draining and More

New Clips added to My C4S Members and Clipstore
More 120 Leather Gloved Draining
24/7 Lifestyle Slave Ownership - Wrapped in his Black Leather body bag and clenching the Black Rubber Funnel to catch all of my cruel ash deposits, I tease and deny my prone slave, cock slapping him and slowly yet forcefully bringing him to his ultimate messy release all over my beautiful Black Leather gloves. A rare chance to see my vintage fur lined Bolero jacket however my slave could not see my magisterial appearance as you do here, dutifully gripping his funnel ashtray whilst I thoroughly enjoy my decadent More 120 cigarette and delighting in the plumes of cigarette smoke and my own long creamy mouth and nose exhales and dangling my beautifully distinctive smoke constantly between my lips, smoking and dangling powerfully and forcefully as my prone slave reaches his messy orgasm.

Intimidating Leather Ashtray
24/7 Lifestyle Slave Ownership - Power dressed for pleasure in my beautiful Black Leather Matrix style coat, thigh length boots and Black Leather gloves, I cut an imposing figure as I constantly walk alongside my prone Leather Gimp slave bound tightly within his Leather body bag, gripping the Black Rubber funnel between his teeth to collect the ashes from my luxurious St Moritz cigarette. Watch as I continually tease and deny him, blowing plumes of smoke at him, on him and around him as I enjoy my beautiful smoke producing huge creamy exhales and strong nose exhales before depositing my ash into the funnel dutifully held between my human ashtray's teeth. Total intimidating and dismissive human ashtray usage.

Leather Gloved More 120
24/7 Lifestyle Slave Ownership - Clad in my favourite vintage full length Black Leather coat and Black Leather lace up gauntlets, watch as I enjoy a Regal and elegant smoke of my favourite brand, an all brown More 120. This is another in my growing series of up close and personal clips and as well as the multitude of dangles, snap inhales, long creamy exhales and nose exhales that I so enjoy when smoking, please also enjoy the sublime sounds of my vintage Leather creaking and cracking as I enjoy my luxurious smoke.

Ashtray Object for Stressed Madam
24/7 Lifestyle Slave Ownership - Returning home after a long day at the office and stressed from the hordes of Christmas shoppers, I order my slave to make himself immediately available and to account for his poor behaviour in my absence. There is no tea waiting, nor a hot bath run for my pleasure and so I take out my stresses on my slave by using him as my human ashtray for my luxurious More 120 cigarette. He has displeased me and with his behaviour constantly under modification I ignore him completely, objectifying and subjugating him until I feel so much better with him catching the ash deposits from my cigarette in the Black Rubber funnel he clenches tightly between his teeth. A rare chance to see my vintage fur lined bolero jacket that accompanies my beautiful Black Leather thigh length boots and short Black Leather gloves.

Sovereign Sobranie Smoke
24/7 Lifestyle Slave Ownership - Up close and personal Black Sobranie Russian cigarette and a rare chance to enjoy my distinctive single, cut off Black Leather studded glove gripping my beautifully indulgent cigarette, power smoked constantly, with huge nose exhales whilst dangling my cigarette between my lips, long creamy exhales and a long, powerful triple pump to finish.

Solo Smoke - A Bitchy Benson
24/7 Lifestyle Slave Ownership - The title says it all. The day is still early yet my slave has already severely irritated me and I'm in a particularly bitchy mood as I power smoke a Benson and Hedges cigarette. An up close, personal and bitchy smoke as I disdainfully smoke at the camera with huge snap inhales, creamy exhales and powerful long nose exhales.

Fat Joya Red Cigar
24/7 Lifestyle Slave Ownership - For cigar enthusiasts and for my dedicated cigar fetish fans the world over, an up close and personal cigar smoking clip. I have long bucked the normal trend with my individual and unique style when enjoying a fat cigar and here are continual long and deep inhales, double pumps, creamy exhales, dismissively huge nose exhales and long creamy plumes of billowing decadent cigar smoke. As you will see, I really enjoyed my luxurious cigar on this sunny winter's day in December 2015 and I know you will enjoy every plume of smoke with me.

Rubber Madam St Moritz Smoke
24/7 Lifestyle Slave Ownership - Up close and personal, power smoking a St Moritz cigarette clad in my vintage floor length Black Rubber Dress Coat, Black Leather thigh boots and Black Leather lace up gauntlet gloves. A beautiful cigarette smoked powerfully and quickly with long snap inhales and dismissive nose exhales.

Phallic Invasion
24/7 Lifestyle Slave Ownership - No No No came the repeated cries from my slave. Yes, Yes, Yes and More Yes came my orders in response as I lit a luxurious Sobranie Russian cigarette and relentlessly pegged my slave in numerous sadistically pleasing positions. Excess, Excess, Excess is a lifetime motto of mine and here I excessively use and subjugate my slave to my strap on fucking torment and delight.

Elegant More 120
24/7 Lifestyle Slave Ownership - An elegant and up close and personal smoke of my favourite all time brand of choice, a beautiful More 120. From the striking of the match to light up my luxurious smoke through to the stubbing out at the end I elegantly yet dominantly enjoy my smoke, creating beautiful drifts and plumes of More smoke, elegant dangles combined with short and longer snap inhales are accompanied by long exhales and strong, dominant nose exhales with a long double pump of my smoke at the end. Enjoy the rustle of my Black PVC blouse in this close up clip and particularly the creaking of my beautiful Black Leather gauntlet gloves as I hold my elegant smoke.

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