Mistress Rouge

Thursday, 12 January 2017


Discipline is facet of our making which is fundamental to our equilibrium balance a powerful positive influence regarding virtue & self empowerment. Many seek discipline to be projected & orchestrated via another person sometimes by an act of punishment chastisement orders of command which challenge the mind & the physical.

Many seek solace in challenge which in My view is a natural & healthy catalyst towards the betterment of character & personality correcting the traits that hinder many a male a kind of purification for the wayward spirit.

Over My fifteen years as an attitude adjuster I feel My contribution to correcting such behaviour is a positive influence many have shared the feeling of release and comfort of repentance for their sins in someway after an experience of discipline, which wipes the slate clean starting anew before the next episode of character monitoring of course.

I enjoy physical & none physical punishments which can range from: OTK spanking, predicament bondage, punishment positions, caning, hand-tawsing, written lines, laborious & mundane duties which challenge the mind & body.

The power of these particular scenarios is that I demand a character list of  written 'sins' prior to our meeting this is paramount and only genuine accounts will be accepted. I am not a fantasist My discipline is not fantasy driven it will not reward My virtue of fabricated fantasy ideas they do not serve Me. I have admired the intimacy revelations of those that have shared with Me the error of their ways regarding the behaviour in the home towards their significant other, lifestyle rituals that do not serve you, the work place an overall behaviour modification is My goal to transform you like an ongoing virtuous evolution to a better improved you.

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