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Sunday, 4 December 2016

Chastity Keyholder new venture for 2017

Dear One's

I know you maybe quite interested in the next phase of My journey I most certainly have had an amazing fifteen years of discovery thus far. What usually happens when a person becomes authentic in their vision? Well, the first stage is a condensed downsizing of activities once experienced and explored the sign of a true artisan is having a select and unique niche portraying their creative flair and passions is the natural evolution process naturally.

I must say I am very thrilled and excited about 2017 in hindsight My circumstance and information harvested via My experiences within the Femdom world has blessed Me with the wisdom over the years has had Me realise the potential in a select few areas that have always enriched Me as with all My natural gifts. So I have decided to really embrace this new horizon by offering 'unions' with the like-minded that really 'feel' and connect with what I offering.

Over the years I had many many session enquiries rejected because they did not feel comfortable in a dungeon setting which is totally valid and understandable. So that thought of unknowing always lodged in My mind that many seek a domestic setting which in My view oozes authenticity and reality far removed from the fantasy Femdom world fantasy I explored before.. I just feel I dont need a dungeon or a throne or all the external wrappings of the amazing world I have already experienced.

I have always had a penchant for diversity, conformity and pigeon-holes have never really interested Me and the faith of My difference has always been rewarding and satisfying. I suppose My creativity holds no bounds and having only been self-taught with no tuition or guidance from another I can honestly say that I give thanks to all those that have shared their experiences with Me over the years in session and otherwise. I have learned all I know via hands on experience and I couldnt have done it without you all, thankyou x

So, here it is.. New horizons... New beginnings....

I always knew I would create a difference when I started out in 2001 but I was unaware of what it was however, I am biting the bullet with the faith that I have in Myself and I am offering all My 'unions' as 'donation only' no hourly rate, no day rate I see Myself as a orchestrater of sexuality guiding those that are either novice, lost on their path with no direction, not in tune with their own sexuality, guilt-ridden or shamed by their sexuality, or a totally realised pervert that is as creative as I am ha! I feel that sexuality is a fundamental necessity in all of us that creates balance when that energy or experience is released which also should be embraced, explored and realised and I am offering My grace for such liaisons with the right calibre of person.

I have had the eunuch fantasy for many years now and I am sure My disciples with feel the benefit of chaste and abstinence under My direction for the wellness and betterment of their physical and psyche which will be a gateway to your inner sovereignty not for embarrassment or humiliation but for you own personal liberation.

My forte for 2017

  • Chastity Keyholding and Orgasm Sovereignty
  • Sexuality Guidance and Advice
  • Sissy Maid Service and Training
  • Domestic Servant Service and Training
  • Domestic Discipline
  • Bondage Objectification

Having clarity of vision now I feel very positive for My new venture adventure!

My new website http://www.chastitykeyholder.net

Warm regards


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