Mistress Rouge

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Meeting Madame Catarina Berlin July 2016

What a memorable Berlin visit July 2016.

I enjoyed the lovely company of the Legendary Madame Catarina of Berlin We enjoyed a wonderful dinner discussing Our cruel and creative ideas for the following day with Our film shoot. Such wonderful enthusiasm, grace and a true Femdom Madame who has dreams and aspirations that merge with My own which really inspired Me greatly and added more determination and fuel to My Femdom ideas for the future.

We met the following afternoon to ensure Our cruel ideas became a reality with two subjects at Our disposal that travelled especially for the ultimate Femdom Sadist experience. Admiringly one slave had not had any BDSM play for three years which I thought was brave and admirable indeed totally sacrificing his own belief in himself not really ever knowing if he could actually withstand such attentions from two formidable Femdom Artisan's. Well, sure enough the whole afternoon was a surge of exceptional brilliance Our energies aligned & fused naturally from a Sadist and Femdom perspective which from My knowledge and experience usually takes a few meetings to adjust but not in this case a totally enriching rewarding and inspiring.

The slaves fulfilled Our needs and We created wonderful memories and incredible media footage. I will be returning to Berlin to collaborate with Madame Catarina again the final week of October 2016 and We will also be hosting a Double- Domination Day and also be filming again at that time which I look forward to very much.

Warm regards

Mistress Roug'e

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