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Monday, 25 July 2016

Facts About Ejaculation - Abstinence Chastity is key for healthy males...

Facts About Ejaculation

20% semen is from same components that make cerebrospinal fluid
Vital essences make up semen. These are the end result of eating.
Food goes through a process after we eat it.
· It becomes nutriment.
· How food becomes nutriment - Nutriment (the product after the stages of digestion) passes to liver, liver to blood, blood to flesh, flesh to fat, fat to bone, bone to marrow, marrow to vital essence.
· the production of Vital essence is a 4 - 8 day process.
· Vital essences are what precious chemistries are made of: brain, heart, liver, lungs, and sexual organs.

The body goes into producing semen as soon as ejaculation occurs. If you ejaculate again within that 4 - 8 day period you will never fully recover. Vital essences are used to make semen before the other precious chemicals. Essentially your brain and other organs are replenished after semen has already begun replenishment.

It takes 10 drops of food essence to make 1 drop of blood; takes 1 cup of blood to make 1 drop of semen. When you donate blood you can't go back for 6 weeks so that you can fully recover. No one ever says anything about semen, but the loss of blood puts a huge strain on the effects of ejaculation. Abstaining from sex the night before an athletic activity is also due to the effects of ejaculation.

Some of the effects of frequent ejaculation include:
-A lack of energy because of the depletion of live essence
-A lack of mental clarity
-A lack of satisfaction from sex

Ideally, ejaculation should be by choice and very infrequently. Tantra teaches that orgasm and ejaculation are separate events. Many tantric men rarely ejaculate. They learn how to retain their semen through specific techniques which do not take a whole lot of practice. They report that there orgasms are varied and much more satisfying. There bodies can remain in an orgasmic state for a minute or two.

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