Mistress Rouge

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

To be My slave......

Now you have discovered Me slave you will become to understand the total surrender of your subjugation to Me in all your being and all that you are completely. I relish complete control of you in whatever way I deem fit, that is true Femdom power control and depicts the power of Women over Men it is a Womans's World after all isn't it! I will not pander to your wants and needs however understand that I may guide you to reveal the deepest parts of yourself via My naturally intuitive actions and reactions moulding you into the slave that you are which will enrich you into a new and improved male man servant slave..You're sweet abandonment at the whims of My controlling desires and satisfaction will be your focus, your will, your token of appreciation for Female & the Feminine and all that She is all that I am and it will become a transference into your every day life, which will enrich your outlook with all the females that share your life in every way everyday.

Just to kneel head lowered in My presence will create an wave of total submission like no other, you will feel the power from within Me which will engrain a memory that will last a lifetime regardless of what I desire to extract from you in our union together. As My slave and subject the reward of pleasing Me will be your only calling while your headspace whirls at the possibility of the reward of kissing My Leather gloved hand, My cruel Leather Boots or My Goddess perfectly formed feet. Rewards have to be earned no doubt so the possibility of such intimacy will stir a driving force within you which will determine your new identity as My devoted slave.

I enjoy the ties that bind Me to My slaves, it is a commitment that only a true Femdom Queen understands it is not only playtime and go it encapsulates the headspace, the mind, the body, the will, the spirit.. Broken spirits make the perfect slaves to be remoulded again into a newer improved evolved male, trust is key and I emanate that gift naturally..

your gift to Me is your devotion I look forward to exploring you slave!

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  1. these words stir my emotions and make me feel giddy and scared. How does one find out more, Ma'am?