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Friday, 20 November 2015

New Human Ashtray and Smoke slave clips

New Smoking Clips Added to My C4S Members Site & C4S Clipstore

Solo Smoke - Filterless Roth Handle
24/7 Lifestyle Slave Ownership - Clad entirely in Leather, from my adorable and unique white thigh length boots, black trousers and red, lace up opera length gloves, this clip was recorded today (20th November) on a sunny English Winter's day and immediately available here.Roth Handle cigarettes have long been a particular favourite of mine, from their filterless and all white retro appearance through to their strong and distinctive flavour.Double and triple pumps, long exhales, nose exhales and snaps throughout, with thanks to a German friend and to all my smoking devotees the world over. Enjoy!


Cigar Bagging Hell

24/7 Lifestyle Slave Ownership - Watch as I thoroughly objectify and subjugate my slave by tightly duct taping a black bag over his head and forcing him to share every one of my long, cruel tugs on my beautiful cigar. I cannot resist adding to his continuous torment and delight in seeing him struggle with both the forced cigar smoke and lack of breath. Yet another of the daily rituals that I inflict and delight in with my owned and personal slave.

Black Sobranie Smoke Servitude
24/7 Lifestyle Slave Ownership - Black Sobranie Russian cigarettes have long been a particular favourite of mine, from their smooth, rich taste to their all black appearance and gold filters through to the beautiful creamy and luxurious exhales they produce. I ordered my slave Starlight to purchase more of these decadent cigarettes so watch as I take great pleasure in unwrapping a brand new packet, striking a match and lighting a beautiful black Sobranie cigarette before forcing each and every creamy exhale directly into his Israeli Gas Mask via the attached breathing tube. Time and again I enjoy luxurious snap inhales, strong nose exhales and long creamy exhales dressed for pleasure and torment in my favourite Military Uniform, Black Leather trousers, thigh length Black Leather boots and my favourite short Black Leather gloves.

Chain Smoke Torment of my Ashtray Creature
24/7 Lifestyle Slave Ownership - Objectifying my slaves has long been a heavy BDSM passion of mine and here I ably demonstrate on my personal slave Starlight, duct taping his mouth wide open for my repeated cruel droppings of ash into his human ashtray mouth. I simply cannot resist chain smoking two cigarettes whilst having my slave in this objectified way, with double and triple pumps, long and luxurious snap inhales and creamy exhales before I extinguish my final cigarette onto my slave's objectified tongue.

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