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Friday, 30 October 2015

Leather Gimp Ashtray Slave & Boot Worship Spank

New clips added

Leather Gimp Ashtray Slave
24/7 Lifestyle Slave Ownership - I have my Ashtray slave exactly where I need him, tightly bound within his Black Leather body bag, hooded, ring gagged and perfectly placed between my unique white Leather thigh booted legs. Clad in Black PVC and my favourite short Black Leather gloves watch as I subjugate and objectify my bound ashtray slave, ensuring he eats and swallows every piece of ash from my decadent and elegant More 120 cigarette.

Boot Worship Spank
24/7 Lifestyle Slave Ownership - Clad in my powerful and all enveloping Black PVC and favourite Black Leather gloves, watch as my slave dutifully kisses and licks every inch of my distinctive, unique and beautiful white thigh boots before close ups of my harsh single and double handed Leather gloved spankings. All whilst enjoying a decadent More 120 cigarette of course!

My Ashtray Slave
24/7 Lifestyle Slave Ownership - In the Hall of our residence watch as I objectify and subjugate my slave to every piece of ash from my decadent and luxurious Dunhill International cigarette. Clad in my favourite Red and Black Rubber dress, Black Leather thigh boots and my favourite Black Leather Opera length gloves I enjoy a relaxed smoke, producing long creamy exhales from beautifully intoxicating snap inhales and only call my slave from his corner when he's needed to swallow my ashes.

Peeping Tom Smoke Admirer
24/7 Lifestyle Slave Ownership - As I am wont to do after a long afternoon of punishing my slave, I often relax with a smoke and reflect on the sadistic punishment meted out that very day. However, yesterday and today I noticed an unfamiliar figure in the undergrowth just watching me and clearly enjoying his dirty, perverted self as he watched me enjoying a luxurious and satisfying More 120 cigarette. This pervert will be caught and will face my wrath on capture. 

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