Mistress Rouge

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Rome & London.

Just arrived from an amazing four nights in the lovely city of Rome with My two Muse's.. We had a delightful time, the attention we got from males was totally understandable.. They are two beautiful delightful creatures that ooze sexual appeal, without even trying. However with Me walking inbetween them in relish of the male attention they get, basking in it actually, they will be part of my new experiment and Team plans for 2014. Great wine, amazing food, shopping and sight seeing again.

Now I am in London, which I will frequent every fortnight, I love London. Seeing all My Domina Mistress Sisters, collaborating will be a regular twice monthly London visits. New plans, new ideas, creativity at it's finest.. 

What a debauched Mistress Rubber Day with My Sister Rubber & Bondage Mistress Miss Miranda of London.. Totally perverted, exciting and totally testing, humiliating to the candidates offering themselves for Our amusement and pleasure. My piss was guzzle forced syringed, they gagged, they hated it. I loved it, so did Miss Miranda, it was Her idea, and how I was in relish of My violation, highly amusing pisstake ha!.
Medical practice's, extreme Rubber enclosures & hoods,,Rubber essence filling the air, acting as a catalyst to the the rubbery's present. Ridiculous, true humiliation which created natural glee laughter, Miss Miranda and I have such an amazing fused energy, totally blended and fused..I look forward to the next event very much, will be a once monthly affair.

London today, with My Sister Miss Deviant.. Deviant Day. What an array of subjects to discipline, control, and offer themselves for Our delight however painful, subjugation at it's finest. What a Birthday Treat for My Sister Miss Deviant, an epic birthday celebration this weekend when I London Bound yet again.

Have a good day, pics to follow.

Warm regards,

Mistress Roug'e.

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